Leftover medicines and used sharps are a critical public health and safety hazard which can
endanger public health and the environment if improperly disposed.
On April 28, National Prescription Drug Take Back Day helpsraise awareness about improperly
disoposed prescritions and sharps. The County of Santa Cruz wishes to remind the public that
“Every Day is Takeback Day” in Santa Cruz County.
Drugs and sharps should NEVER be flushed or thrown in the trash. Leftover medicines and
used sharps can be taken back to almost every pharmacy, as well as many medical centers.
Many locations have convenient self-serve disposal kiosks, while others provide free mailback
National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is sponsored by the federal Drug Enforcement
Administration (DEA) to address a crucial public safety and public health issue. Several local law
enforcement agencies, including the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, have prescription
collection kiosks available in their offices.
To find your local drop-off site, go to www.MedProject.org.
Remember: Keep it safe, keep it clean, take it back!

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